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— Suzanne Young

Clementine Hunter

Clementine Hunter as portrayed by Angelique Feaster

A one-of-a-kind artist who documented and interpreted a vanished world of Southern plantation life, Clementine Hunter was over 50 years old when she began to paint. Hunter lived most of her life on a plantation in Louisiana’s Cane River region, and her paintings depicted the hard work, the religion, and the social and recreational lives of the people around her. “Her work is a colorful stroke of life,” Louisiana State Museum director Carolyn Harrington told the Baton Rouge Advocate. In later years, Hunter’s works became favorites of white art collectors, a trend that only accelerated after Hunter’s death in 1988. The works that Hunter had once sold to friends for 25 cents apiece now commanded prices of up to $50,000.

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Portrayed by (in alphabetical order)

Angelique Feaster

Angelique Feaster

Wilma Moore Young

Wilma Moore Young, Understudy